European Soil Data Centre --- Susceptibility for Soil Compaction in Europe

Title European Soil Data Centre --- Susceptibility for Soil Compaction in Europe 
Abstract The map of natural soil susceptibility to compaction was created from the evaluation of selected parameters from the ESDB.

This map shows the natural susceptibility of agricultural soils to compaction if they were to be exposed to compaction. The evaluation of the soil's natural susceptibility is based on the creation of logical connections between relevant parameters (pedotransfer rules). The input parameters for these pedotransfer rules are taken from the attributes of the European soil database, e.g. soil properties: type, texture and water regime, depth to textural change and the limitation of the soil for agricultural use. Besides the main parameters auxiliary parameters have been used as impermeable layer, depth of an obstacle to roots, water management system, dominant and secondary land use. It was assumed that every soil, as a porous medium, could be compacted 

Keywords soil compaction; Soil
Geographic Extent West: -15.0
East: 40.0
South: 35.0
North: 75.0
Date Publication: 2009-11-01; 2008-06-01; 2010-12-08
Revision: 2008-05-01
Creation: 2008-05-01
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Responsible Party Organisation Name: Joint Research Centre of the EC
Constraints Access constraints: otherRestrictions
Quality Spatial coverage: 27 Member States of the European Union where data available.

Pixel size: 1km

Projection: ETRS89 Lambert Azimuthal Equal Area

Input data source:

Soil data - European Soil Database v2
Land Use - CORINE Land Cover 2000 

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